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D700 Users Pages Web Ring.

This is a D700 Web Ring Home page.

What is WebRing?

WebRing is a collection of thematically related Web sites linked with each other. Each site contains a link to the next and the previous sites in the ring.
To know more about WebRings, please visit WebRing Site.

What's special in this particular ring?

This ring connects sites made by users of Sony DSC D700 or D770 digital camera. These sites display photos made by the camera and also contain other information about the camera and digital photography in general.

Can I join the ring?

You can join the ring if you have your own web site that is related to Sony DSC D700/D770 Digital camera or if you feel that your site might be interesting to D700/D770 users.

Joining the ring allows users of related sites to quickly find your site and thus brings you additional visitors, interested in the topic of your site.

Joining the ring means modifying your home page so that it will contain links to the next and previous sites in the ring. You must have you own web page and you must be able to modify HTML code on your page in order to join the ring.

If you have D700/D770-related web site, but cannot modify its HTML code (such as pages on ClubPhoto, PhotoPoint, etc.), please, contact me by e-mail and I will arrange a link to your site from one of ring pages.

Please, use the link below to join.

Join the ring

Use the link below to see which sites are already in the ring.

List Sites in D700 Web ring

My name is Gennady and I am the RingMaster, i.e. responsible for keeping D700 ring consistent. Please, contact me by e-mail on any problem with the ring.

Thank you for visiting D700 WebRing homepage!

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